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Завдання І етапу Всеукраїнської олімпіади з англійської мови 10 клас 2018 - 2019 н.р.
25.11.2018, 21:53

Завдання І етапу Всеукраїнської олімпіади з англійської  мови

10 клас


Keep On Dancing

After forty-five minutes of dancing the bell rang. The dancers left the dance floor and slowly headed for the beds in the next room. Fifteen minutes later, the bell rang again and the weary dancers straggled back to the dance floor. All day and all night, the same dancers continued to dance. Weeks passed and they kept on dancing. They were called dance marathons and people were crazy about them in the 1930s. In the longest marathon, the dancing went on for 5,148 hours or nearly 215 days. It was just after the stock market crash of 1929 in the United States. The Great Depression that followed affected everyone, and thousands of people were out of jobs. For some young people, entering a dance marathon was simply a way to earn money for food. As long as they continued to dance, they got food to eat.

The first 500 hours of a dance marathon were the most difficult. Dancers had to get used to sleeping while leaning on their partners. Feet got sore and swollen, and tempers flared as dancers got tired. Three times a day, tables were pulled out onto the dance floor and the dancers ate while dancing.

For many people, watching a dance marathon was. a cheap form of en­tertainment. At any time of day or night they could go and watch the dancers in the marathon. They yelled and threw money at their favorite dancers to encourage them to keep dancing. Some made bets on who would quit or fall down next.     

Dancers in a marathon were pushed to their limits. Without proper sleep, many got sick. When several dancers died from overexertion in а І929 dance marathon, government officials tried unsuccessfully to outlaw marathons. Instead, marathons continued to be popular until the United States entered World War II. The wartime economy brought the country out of the Depression and people finally began to loose interest in dance marathons.

Завдання І. Прослухайте текст і поставте знак «+» поряд з номерами речень, які відповідають змісту:

  1. Nowadays, people are crazy about dance marathons.
  2. In the longest marathon, the dancing went on for nearly seven months.
  3. Dance marathons appeared during the Great Depression.
  4. Entering a dance marathon was a way to become rich.
  5. Professional dancers only had a right to participate in a marathon.
  6. Watching a dance marathon was an expensive form of entertainment,
  7. Bets were made on who would quit or fall down next.
  8. Several dancers died from indigestion in 1929.
  9. Government officials outlawed marathons when "the USA entered World Warll.
  10. People finally began to loose .interest in dance marathons in the 1990s.
  1. Завдання 2. Прослухайте текст вдруге і виберіть правильний варіант відповіді:

11. How long did hourly breaks last?

a)   Five minutes;                                b)   ten minutes;              c)   fifteen minutes.

12. When did people become crazy about dance marathons?
a)   In the
1920s;                                 b)   in the 1930s;             c)   in the 1940s.

13.   When did the US stock market crash?

a)   In 1929;                                       b)   in 1930;                     c)   in 2001.

14. How long did the longest dance marathon last?

a)   115 days;                                       b)   215 days;                   c)   250 days.

15. What did the dancers get as long as they participate in the contest?
a)   Bed and breakfast;
                         b)   free meals;                c)   pocket money.

  1. When could people watch the dancers in the marathon? -a)   At any time of day or night; b)   in the evening; c) at night.
  2. What did spectators throw at their favorite dancers?

     a)   Some food;                               b)   some towels; c)   some money.                         

18. Why did several dancers die?

a)   They got poisoned;                        b)   they got exhausted;    c)  they got bribed.

19. Did the government ban dance marathons?

a)   Yes, it did;                                      b)   no, it did not;            c)   it failed.

20. Why did people finally begin to lose interest in dance marathons?

  1. The USA entered World War II;            b)    people became fed up with them;       c)the marathons were outlawed.

10 form Reading Comprehension

Text 1.

            It may have been the cold, wet evening that made stepping into Double Bass such a pleasure. After all, during Kyiv’s miserable winters, anywhere warm and dry is welcome. But after the hostess relieved me of my coat and hat and I had taken my seat, the impression remained: here is an inviting, comfortable spot designed for relaxation.

            Double Bass Blue’s Bar is one of the newest additions to Podil’s expanding entertainment scene. Just a block north of Al Capone Night Club, Double Bass is located in a basement space with the entrance around the corner of Vvedenska , rather than Kostyantynivska as the address implies. The bar’s bright neon sign will lead you there. The staff is cordial, and well trained, the menus are cleverly designed and printed in English and Ukrainian, and the owners have gone to great-length with the décor, exploiting the blues bar theme to good effect. The walls are covered with instruments: saxophones and trumpets and polished violins, accompanied by sheet music and photographs. Even the furniture has a musical theme, with one booth stitched to look like a piano keyboard.

  1. When the author entered Double Bass he was: A) surprised B) angry C) wet and cold D) pleased
  2. The author describes the restaurant: A) small and unattractive B) comfortable and relaxing C) large and spacious D) uncomfortable and relaxed
  3. Double Bass is located on: A) Kostyantynivska Street B) Vvedenska Street C)east of Al Capone Nightclub D) Khreshchatik  Street
  4. The author describes the staff as: A) friendly and skilled B) unhelpful and educated C) quiet and lazy D) poor and angry
  5. Which musical instrument is not on the wall: A) violin B) saxophone C) trumpet D) keyboard

Text 2.

            Ukraine has sent 70 athletes to Salt Lake City, where they will compete in eight events during the Winter Olympics from February 8-24. Ukrainians will participate in bobsledding, alpine skiing, ski jumping, figure skating, the luge, the biathlon, speed skating and hockey.

            According to the head of the State Committee for Physical Training and Sport, Maria Bulatova, only athletes who got into the top 15during the World Championships will go to the Olympic Games. Initially only 60 Ukrainians were supposed to travel to Salt Lake City, but 10 were added to the list at the last minute.

            “A promising  figure-skating pair Yulia Holovina and Oleh Voiko from Kharkiv were added to the Ukrainian Olympic team this time”, Ivan Fedorenko, President of the Ukrainian National Olympic Committee said. “Halyna Manyachenko, ladies singles, was accepted to the team after the European Cup, where she showed good results.”

            In skiing, Valentyna Shevchenko and Iryna Terelya are considered to have the best chance of winning a medal. “These girls showed very good results at the World Cup and , of course, are first in Ukraine,” said Tetyana Solovey, an administrator for the Ukrainian Skiing Association.

            All eyes will be on Ukraine’s ice hockey team, which will be competing for the first time in the Olympics. The team earned the right to play in Salt Lake City after winning at the World Championship in Germany last year. (Taken from Kyiv Post January, 31, 2002 )

  1. Which of the following events will Ukrainians not participate in? A) ski jumping B) biathlon C) ice dancing D) figure skating
  2. What is the requirement for athletes to participate? A) participation in the World Championships B) participation in the last Olympics C) good results at national competitions D) placing in the first 15 at the World Championships
  3. How many Ukrainians were originally planned to compete? A) 70 B) 60 C) 10 D) 80
  4. Who was added to the Ukrainian Olympic team? A) three figure skaters B) two skiers C) two figure skaters D) one hockey player
  5. Which of the following is not true about the Ukrainian hockey team? A) they won the World Championships B) they will play at the Olympics for the first time C) they have the best chance of winning a medal D) many people are interested in their results

Text 3                              Health Tips for Travelers

by Sam Morrison

Travel is fun and exciting, but not if you get sick. You may think, "Not me. I won't get sick on my vacation!" However, for many people, that is what happens. You do not want to spend your vacation sick in bed, of course. If you have heart trouble, you do not want to make it worse. What can you do to slay in good health? These arc the three things to remember when you travel: relax, sleep, arid cat well.               '

A vacation is supposed to be a time for relaxing, but tourists often forget that. There are so many places to visit: museums, churches, parks, and shops. You want to see as much as possible, of course, and so you spend most of your days on your feet. This is tiring. Your feet may start to hurt. You may get a headache or a backache. If this is the way you feel, you should take a rest. Do not ask your body to do too much. A tired body means a weak body, and a weak body gets sick easily. So sit down for a few hours in a nice spot. In good weather, look for a quiet park bench or an outdoor cafe. You can learn a lot by watching people while you rest.

Sleep is also important. If you want to stay healthy, you need to get enough sleep. That is not always easy when you are traveling. You may have a noisy hotel room or an uncomfortable bed. If you do, don't be afraid to change rooms or even hotels. If you are young, you may have other reasons for not sleeping, in many cities the nightlife is exciting. You may want to stay out late at night. Then you should plan to sleep during the day That extra rest can make a big difference.

Finally, whatever age you are, you must eat well. That means eating the right kinds of foods. Your body needs fresh fruits and vegetables and some meat, milk, or fish. You also need to be careful about eating new foods. Try small amounts first to make sure they are okay for you. And of course, stay away from foods that are very rich.

Remember this: If you want to enjoy your vacation, take care of yourself. Give your body some rest. Get enough sleep and eat good, healthy food.

Circle the best answer.

1. This article is about

   A. what to eat when you travel.                          C. relaxing when you travel.

   B. how exciting travel is'.                                 D. how to stay healthy when you travel

            2. A vacation is not fun if

            A. you don't want to go.                                   C. you get sick.

   B. you go sightseeing.                          D. you are in a new place

            3. Sightseeing is

            A. the best way to relax.                                   C. never any fun.

            B. tiring.                                                          D. unhealthy.

            4. It's a good idea to

            A. spend every day in bed.                               C. get some rest every day.

            B. take short vacations.                                    D. take lots of medicines.

            5.You can get sick more easily if you are

            A. tired.                                                           C. in a hotel.

            B. sleepy.                                                        D. strong and healthy.

            6. Your body needs sleep to

            A. enjoy the nightlife.                                      C. stay strong and healthy.

            B.  change hotels.                                            D. learn a lot about a new place.

            7. When you travel, your body needs

            A. new foods.                                                  C. lots of rich foods.

            B. fresh fruits and vegetables.                            D. more food.

    8. For good health, you need

      A. to travel.                                                     C. to enjoy the nightlife

B. to get enough sleep and good food.                D. to eat new foods

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