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Завдання І етапу Всеукраїнської олімпіади з англійської мови 9 клас 2018 - 2019 н.р.
25.11.2018, 21:50

Завдання І етапу Всеукраїнської олімпіади з англійської  мови

9 клас

9 th  form                              LISTENING COMPREHENSION TEST

The Internet, a computer-based worldwide information network, is composed of a large number of smaller interconnected networks called internets. These in­ternets may connect tens, hundreds, or thousands of computers, enabling them to share information with each other and to share various resources, such as powerful supercomputers and databases of information. The Internet has made it possible for people all over the .world to effectively and inexpensively communicate with each other. Unlike traditional broadcasting media, such as radio and television, the Internet is a decentralized system. Each connected individual can commu­nicate with anyone else on the Internet, can publish ideas, and can sell products with a minimum overhead cost. In the future, the Internet may have a dramatic impact on higher education and business as more universities offer courses and more companies offer goods and services online.

The internets from which the Internet is composed are usually public access networks, meaning that the resources of the network can be shared with anyone accessing the network. Other types of internets, called intranets, are closed to public use. Intranets are the most common type of computer network used in companies and organizations where it is important to restrict access to the infor­mation contained on the network.

During the 1990s the Internet has grown tremendously in the number of people using it and the amount of information contained on it. According to the Internet Society, a non-profit society that studies and promotes the use of the Internet, 134 countries had full Internet connection and an additional 52 countries had limited access (for example, e-mail only) in 1996. Surveys performed by International Data Corporation and Matrix Information and Directory Services found that as of Sep­tember 1997 there were between 53 and 57 million users of the Internet worldwide.



Task 1. For each of the questions 1-10 decide which of the statements are true or false

  1. The main function of the Internet is information exchange.
  2. The Internet is made of supercomputers.
  3. You should be quite well off to use the Internet efficiently.
  4. The Internet has a strong central authority.
  5. There may be a great change in higher education soon.
  6. The only thing you need to get on the Internet is a computer with the Internet  access..

7. You can easily find what you need on the intranet.

  1. There has been an Internet boom in the recent decade,
  2. More countries in the world have only limited Internet access.

10. It is rather difficult to count the number of Internet users in the world.
Task 2. For each of the questions 11-20 decide which of the answers (a1, b, c or d) best complete the statements

11.  The Internet is most likely to be associated with:

  a)   an ad work;  b)  a Ned work;    c)   a neat work;       d) a network.
   12. The computers in the Internet are:

a)   connected to each other;    b) standing oh each other;  c)looking for each other;   ,      d)not needed at all.
13. One can make a conclusion that:

  1. corresponding with a distant friend is much easier now;
  2. there, are fewer powerful computers now than before;
  3.  it is difficult to afford using the Internet
  4. you need to be an expert to use the Internet.   
  5. 14.  It can be inferred from the text that:

a)   it is more difficult to post an advertisement on the radio than on the Internet; 

b) it is more expensive to use the Internet for selling goods;

c)   using the Internet for educational purposes is not considered;

d)   some universities offer complete Internet training:

15. Where from is it least possible for general public to connect to the Internet?

a)   From home;  b) from a public library    

c)from a private company      d)from an internet cafe


  16.Internets and intranets differ in:

a)   the cost of use;                                  b)   accessibility;

c)   the number of supercomputers;          d)   the way of connecting computers together.

17.  Companies create intranets to:

a)   protect the environment;             b)   prevent misuse of important data;

c)   restrict working areas;                    d)   predict the future.

18.  It maybe inferred from the text that the Internet Society:
a)   has the aim of earning money;                                                   b)   does a database research;

c)   wants more people in the world to use the Internet;                          d)   died out-in the 1990s.

19. The researches mentioned in the text:

a)   were carried out at the same time;                                                    b)   could not be trusted;

c)   promoted using e-mail;                                                                  d)   were done independently on each other.

20. One can infer from the text that because of the Internet:

a)   more information is now used by fewer people;                                    b)less information is available;

c) there's recently been a great increase in the information exchange;         d) about 57 million people will never use the


FORM 9                                READING

Reading. Text  1.(  from  If  I  Were  Seventeen  Again  by  Jesse  Stuart )

Glossary:  hay – сіно, парк ; new-mown – свіжоскошений; restock – поповнювати  запаси

If  I  were seventeen  again, I  would want  to  live  on  a  Kentucky  hill  farm. I  would want  to  grow  up  and  live  where there are  trees, meadows, and streams. If  I couldn’t  live  on  a  large  farm, a  few  acres  would  do. But  I  would want  space  to  hunt  over, and  a  stream  or  lake  nearby  where  I  could  fish. I  would  want  to  mow  the  meadows  with  a  span  of  horses  or  mules, and  haul  the  hay  to  the  barn  on  a hay  wagon. I  believe  the  boy  or  girl  who  hasn’t  ridden  on  a  hay  wagon  has  missed  something  in  his  youth. If he  hasn’t  smelled  new-mown  clover, he  has missed  the  finest  wind  a  youth  ever  breathed.

In  the  spring  of  the  year, If  I  were  seventeen  again, I’d  want  to  take  long  walks  into  the  woods. I’d  want to  get  acquainted  with  all  kinds  of  birds, how they  build their  nests  and  the  kind  of  materials  they  use, what  color  and size  eggs   they  lay-from  the  hoot  owl  to  the  chicken  hawk  and  sparrow – and  how  and what they  feed  their young. I’d  want  to  know  all  about  the animals. I  would want  to  know  and  I  would  find  out  what  they  ate, where they  lived, what  animals  were  friendly  with  each  other  and  which  were  enemies. This  is  a  world  every  teenage   boy  should know. I’ve  never  seen  one  yet  who  didn’t  love  the  animal  world. And  I  would  protect  each  nondestructive  animal, each  nondestructive  bird. I  would  want  to  know  the  hunting  laws, abide by them, and help  restock  and  protect  game  so  it  would  be here  for  the  next  seventeen-year-old  when  he  came  along.

State  true  or false  sentences:

1. The person  telling  the  story  wants  to  know  how  birds  build  their  nests, how  they walk, and  how  they  steal  eggs.

2. The  person  telling  the  story  wants  to  hunt  every  animal  to  make  sure  that  there  are  no  animals  left  over  for  the  next  teenager.

3. The  person  telling  the  story  wants  to  know  how  the  animals  communicate, migrate, and  where  they  live.

4. The  person  telling  the  story  dreams  about  being  seventeen  again.

5. The  person  telling  the  story  wants  to  walk  in  mountains, valleys  and  forests  in  spring.

6. He  wants  to  live  on  a  farm  in  Kentucky.

7. He  wants to  keep  all  the  destructive  animals  safe.

8. He  wants  to  be  able  to  fish  and  rock  climb  in  nature.

9. The  person  telling  the  story  wants  to  know  the  color  and  size  of  sparrow  eggs.

10. Every  boy should  know  about  the  animal  world.

Reading. Text 2.

As  far back  as  700  B.C., man  has  talked  about  children being  cared  for  by  wolves. Romulus  and  Remus, the  legendary  twin  founders  of  Rome, were  purported  to  have  been  cared  for  by  wolves. It  is  believed  that  when  a  she-wolf  loses  her  litter, she  seeks  a  human  child  to  take  its  place.

This  seemingly  preposterous  idea  did  not become  credible  until  the  late  19th  century  when  a  French  doctor  actually  found  a  naked  ten-year-old  boy  wandering  in  the  woods. He  did  not  walk  erect, could  not  speak  intelligibly, nor  could  he  relate  to  people. He  only  growled  and  stared  at  them. Finally  the  doctor  won  the  boy’s  confidence  and  began  to  work  with  him. After  many  long  years  of  devoted  and  patient  instruction, the  doctor  was able  to  get  the  boy  to  clothe  and  feed  himself, recognize  and  utter  a  number  of words, as well as  write letters  and  form  words.

Choose  the  correct  variant :

1. The  French  doctor  found  the  boy    A) wandering  in  the  woods       B) at  his  doorstep            C) growling at  him        D) speaking  intelligibly

2. In this  text  the  word  litter  most  nearly  means  A) garbage  B) master  C) offspring  D) hair

3. The  doctor  was  able  to  work  with  the  boy  because    A) the  boy  was  highly  intelligible

    B) the  boy  trusted  him    C) the  boy  liked  to  dress  up  D) the  boy  was dedicated  and  patient

4. Which  of the  following  statements  is  not  true ?

  1. She-wolves  have been  said  to  substitute  human  children  for  their  lost  litters.
  2. Examples  of  wolves’  caring  for  human  children  can  be  found  only  in  the  19th  century.
  3. The  French  doctor  succeeded  in  domesticating  the  boy  somewhat.
  4. The  young  boy  never  was  able  to  speak  perfectly.


Do  you  want  to  be  slim? Do  you  worry  about  your  family’s  health?

Then  you  should  try  Fruitibix, the  new  healthy  nut  and  fruit  biscuit. Fruitibix  tastes  wonderful, but  it  has less  sugar  than  most  other  biscuits. Each  biscuit  consists  of  dried  fruit  and  nuts, including  apples, coconut  and  banana. Sometimes  you  feel  hungry  between  meals. Now, instead  of  having  a  chocolate  bar, take  a  Fruitibix. It won’t  make  you  fat  and  it  will  keep  you  healthy.

At  lunchtime, instead  of  chips  and  hamburgers, have  a  Fruitibix. It  has  all  the  main  foods  for a  balanced  meal. And if  you  are  in  a hurry, and  you don’t  have  time  for  a  proper  meal, Fruitibix  will give  you  the  energy  to  keep  on  going. So  whenever  your  children  ask  for  something  sweet, give  them  Fruitibix  instead  of  cakes  or chocolate. They  will  love  the  taste  and  it  won’t  harm  their  teeth.Discover  Fruitibix. It’s on  your  supermarket  shelves  now:          

1. It  is  from  A) a letter  B) a  magazine article  C) a  student’s  notebook  D) an advertisement 

2. The  main  aim  is  to  A) make  people  buy  this  product  B) compare it with other food

    C) explain  why  people  use  this  product  D) give  advice  about healthy  living

3. Why  should  people   eat  Fruitibix  instead  of  chocolate? A) Fruitibix  tastes  better

    B) Fruitibix  has  more  fat  C) Fruitibix  is  cheaper  D) Fruitibix  is  healthier

4. Why  is  Fruitibix  useful  when  you  are  in  a  hurry? A) you  don’t  need  to  cook  it

    B) You  can  buy  Fruitibix  everywhere  C) it  is  as  good  as  a  proper  meal D)it  won’t  be harmful  to  your  teeth

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